Got "E"? - having Empathy when your child is melting down

emotional intelligence Sep 15, 2020

When something, an event, or someone triggers a stressful situation for you and your child, finding the place in your heart and mind to be empathic may be one of the biggest challenges you will face.

That said, being empathetic in this moment may be one of your most powerful tools to regain control and enable a positive energy shift.

Empathy is given, not taken. It is a powerful emotion that derives from your own early childhood attachment with a loving parent or guardian. When it is said that empathy “can’t be taught”, it’s not really the case. It was “taught” to us by how our parents related to us in our earliest developmental stages, and it will be taught to your children as part of how you attach and relate today.   Empathy is like an automatic switch in your head that turns you into an “understander”, and subjugates your goals or objectives in the moment for those of another. A person that feels the real...

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Big Emotions Happen - Like a Hurricane or a 100 Year Storm

emotional intelligence Sep 10, 2020

Have you noticed that “emotionally charged” situations can sometimes be more precipitous than you first expected. Sometimes a metaphor is a powerful way to think about an idea. The notion of a Hurricane or “100 Year Storm” is interesting.

Typically they occur infrequently, but when they do the sense of how they overwhelm us is undeniable. To all of our dismay, these kinds of storms are occurring more frequently and more intensely.

And in life, more often than we might expect, the scenario is actually like the “perfect storm”…  with simultaneous overwhelming conditions in play (ex. a new move, a new school, a new baby)  So, with that notion, are you in your own whirlwind at home or at work? Are situations you might naturally expect to “go more smoothly” hijacked by either your emotions or your counterparts in such a way that either one or both of you become overwhelmed and unable to manage the storm?


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