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Welcome to the EMDR Easy Partner Program, a new way to accelerate client success with EMDR Therapy . . . while earning AFFILIATE payments monthly, up to 15% of TP Education Product Sales.

  • Help contacts accelerate down the Therapy "Corridor of Uncertainty" with the best tools
  • EMDR Easy is designed for self-paced learning by savvy practitioners, even parents
  • By partnering with us, you'll be referring your contacts to world-class EMDR Therapy training

We are stoked you are here and ready to help your friends, associates, and customers change the conversation about how to deliver EMDR Therapy, especially now in an "After Covid" world. 

TP Education is hiring.

Welcome to the EMDR Easy Partner Program...a new way to accelerate client success with EMDR Therapy. Whether you are a EMDR Machine provider, a Practice Director, an Educator, a Parent Group Leader, or other innovative collaborator, refer clients to use EMDR Easy and earn AFFILIATE payments monthly, up to 15% of IP-BC Product Sales.

TP Education, a division of PE LLC, has developed EMDR Easy for your therapy delivery, goals and objectives. We teach a simple the Monster Protocol including the newly released, even easier, 2-Square/4-Square for accelerating EMDR therapy delivery, right first time...get everyone on board with the method not taught in social work school nor provided in other EMDR trainings.

Use the links below, take the 2 steps, and you’ll be onboard. The steps are:

(1) First, you'll ACTIVATE your special annual affiliate membership, if you don't already have one <gain insight into EMDR Easy>

(2) Then, you'll REQUEST AFFILIATE/PARTNER status <share the EMDR Easy difference-earn credits>


If you're already an active member of EMDR Easy with a current offer, then skip Step 1 and fill out the request form below.

(Step 1) Activate a membership 

Become an EMDR Easy course MEMBER so you can experience the Schwartz difference. Refer clients seeking post Covid, streamlined,  EMDR Therapy training. Show them how to become EMDR Savvy.

Clients with 20/20 hindsight into the developmental model, EMDR, story-telling, and drawing have 80 more EMDR IQ points.They have more efficient and successful therapy experiences. They optimize therapy delivery and learn how to get a Sustainable Competetive Therapy Advantage SCTA . . .a subscription to the Starter-Kit is all you need to get going.

After activating Starter-Kit, return here to take Step 2 & fill out the Request AFFILIATION form.

You'll get portal access and share links for referrals you can make to contacts.

(1) Activate your special EMDR_EASY/AFFILIATE Starter-Kit member subscription $49.99 USD annually

(Step 2) Request: Affiliate/Partner

I'm an active member. Now, I am requesting AFFILIATE PARTNER status.

When You Request AFFILIATE Status-what happens?

  • Now that you  have opted in for the Special Starter-Kit edition (see link above), please fill out the form on the left. An EMDR Easy team member will get back to you with your portal credentials and referral link(s).
We are pleased you want to integrate EMDR Easy as a way to achieve your business goals. AFFILIATES receive a percentage of every product sale of up to 15%. Payments are made quarterly using PayPal or Stripe. Your affiliate link will be in your log-in portal and it covers everything. Links will remain active from 30-90 days in a referrals browser cache. If they buy, upgrade, or double down, you will receive credit.