ABOUT TP Education

  • TP Education is an EMDRIA approved provider of EMDR-Therapy.
  • Sharon Schwartz, LICSW and certified EMDR therapist, is instructor.
  • Sharon is known for her innovative delivery of "2-Square" protocol.

Sharon's philosophy

Sharon is founding director of the Little Voices Foundation, a not for profit whose goal is to ensure EMDR Therapy is made affordable and available to victims of trauma, all over the world. She positions "2-Square" intervention, an internal processing experience*, as "Subconscious Reprocessing Therapy™ (SRT)".

  • She is gifted at teaching both the theory and practice of this uniquely effective EMDR protocol.
  • Sharon achieves the goal of making EMDR easier to learn, adapting "Slaying-the-Monster/Dragon", in a protocol that "just works".
  • She uses 2-Square in her clinical practice every day making her especially qualified in both teaching and consulting on it's use.
  • Learn the fundamentals in a fun, practical, live workshop format. 

Experts in Training

TP Education is expert in delivering distance learning, on-line courses. We have developed and delivered 5-star reviewed courses over the past 35 years. Here's a hint  on how to get the most from our streaming video courses.

  • Try not  to read, watch, and listen all at the same time.
  • Down load your workbook and a copy of your certification test for reference.
  • When you start your clips, it's better to stop and pause.
  • Take notes in the workbook as you stream the video.
  • Replay sections as needed to make sure you have gleaned all the details.
  • Have a copy of the test along side, as you work thru each module. 

Your instructor

Sharon Schwartz, LICSW and certified EMDR therapist, is a leading practitioner of EMDR-Therapy with children and families since 1997.  She is known for making EMDR easier by developing the innovative "2-Square" protocol.

  • Director of TP Counseling Services for over 40 years
  • Specialty with children & adolescents
  • Gifted EMDRIA & NASW speaker
  • Certified EMDR-Therapy Consultant
  • Harvard School Public Health, Mclean
  • Director, Turning Point Education
  • Co-Founder PANDEMDR™ Not-For-Profit Foundation
  • Co-inventor of MDR™ device technology

We are confident that the alignment of the contents with the 8-Phase AIP model for EMDR-Therapy will amplify this learning experience. The alignment with *-AIP will make this delivery familiar and easy to learn so you can readily put this proven protocol to work in your practice immediately.

Sharon will help you understand how this EMDR is different from therapies and tools you may know and use such as CBT, TFT, IFS, and others. Sharon also teaches the advanced 2-Square² a further innovation on this protocol. She has worked to extend the use of this protocol with adults of all ages.

Thanks to Dr. Bessel van der Kolk for expanding the understanding of the sub-conscious realm in which  EMDR works "symbolically". He, along with other prominent doctors have published scientific studies that establish EMDR as a preferred therapy for an increasing number of behavorial problems. It is for this reason that we often refer to this EMDR client experience as "Sub-cognitive Reprocessing Therapy™ (SRT)". This easy pneumonic will help you think of it separately from other therapies, such as CBT, TFT, etc .

When we offer an advanced workshop at a location near you, post COVID, we will let you know. The "EMDR-Voices World Tour" workshops are an integral part of the work of the FOUNDATION, They are designed to deliver advancements & innovations on the 2-Square Distance-Learning course. Build on 2-Square and learn additional innovative, exciting, and insightful EMDR approaches. Not only get further insights into how to tune the fundamentals, but learn how to adapt the protocol for use with adults as well . . . attend a live workshop to go further. Select a date and city for your workshop and expand on your understanding of the fundamentals. Get ready to take things to the next level at the on-site event. Sharon will ensure that you not only build on your understanding of the theory, but that you also fine tune and extend your practice skills with diverse age groups. Become more effective in your therapy by putting these additional, clever and productive EMDR techniques into practice as soon as you get back to the office. Enjoy the inspired and dynamic teaching of Sharon Schwartz and benefit from "EMDR-Voices 2-Square / 2-Square² / 4-Square" protocol innovations.


Our Approach to EMDR Training-Contact Us With Any Issues or Feedback

We use the most advanced technology to deliver your distance learning experience. This is how we are able to provide this program at the most economical price and with the best access and service. We have chosen a cloud platform that offers an easy to use all-in-one lesson experience. We rely on this platform to ensure that you get all the goodies in the most painless learning experience possible. That said, if you find any challenges, we need to know about them. We also need to know how to improve what we are doing. Please work with any outside service such as CLASSMARKER in the way that they require so that you can get get your 6 CEU certificate if you decide to take the test. We hope your journey is positive, seamless, and painless.

If for any reason, you have any difficulty using the tools, or if you just want to give us your suggestions, please use the email below so we can continue to improve our programs.

use subject:  EMDR made Easy-feedback

email contact: [email protected]


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