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Approved for 6 CEU's by these organizations


Turning Point is an approved EC provider (#14014) and this program (Course #14014-DL01) is approved by EMDRIA for 6 EMDRIA credits.

Eligibility for EMDRIA credits is restricted to those who have completed an EMDRIA-Approved Basic EMDR Training.


Turning Point is an approved provider. Use approval #886708346-3559  for all Clinical Social Workers continuing education contact hours.

This program is approved for 6 CEU's by the National Association of Social Workers.

Course Outline

6 Hours of VIDEO Lessons, 3 Categories, 20 Modules



A-Getting Started

B-EMDR Basics

C-Targeting Basics (Triggers)

D-Protocol End-to-End (Now "2-Square")

G-Office Setup & TELEMDR™


(2): Cases 

E-10 Case Results

F-Live Demo

+ - 2 Hrs of Live Child Client Sessions



H-Taking Client History (Phase 1)

I-Stability and Resourcing (Phase 2)

J-Target Identification (Phase 3)

K-Desensitize Negatives (Phase 4)

L-Positive Installs (Phase 5)

M-Body Scans (Phase 6)

N-Log, Evaluate & Closure (Phase 7/8)

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  • Aligned with the 8-Phase AIP model
  • Enjoy instant library access right here
  • Select 3,6, or 12 months of streaming
  • Download and keep the 70pp workbook for reference
  • Complete 80% to earn 6 CEU's & certificate download
  • Videos are professionally edited, well organized, color coded to workbook.
  • All clips have text explanations in-line with the video, and clear sound tracks

About your workbook

Comprehensive 70pp WorkBook(WB) used in combination with video modules

  • WB has phase by phase practical templates with reusable scripts & hints
  • Workbook covers all 8 phases with "2-square" & is easy to follow.
  • 20pp focus on the 3-pronged core of the protocol
  • Learn "2-Square" from beginning-to-end 
  • Packed with on applying the method day-to-day, in your treatment sessions. 


About your Instructor

Gifted speaker & teacher, delivers the 6 CEU course approved by EMDRIA & NASW

  • Clinical Director of TP Counseling Services, practicing EMDR-Therapy since 1997
  • Certified EMDR-Therapy Consultant
  • LICSW, NASW member, BS Cornell, MSW BU
  • Most Referred to child therapist in MA
  • Harvard Public Health, Mclean, Turning Point Counseling, TP Education, EMDR-Voices Founder

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EMDR made easy is delivered in a state of the art, on-line learning management system making lessons easy. The course offers EMDR Therapy training in the readily understood AIP framework.

  • The course is taught in live action videos, shot in Sharon's classroom. It's fun...like being there.
  • Learn using our advanced, distance learning technology. We make your learning workflow easy with a new and improved automated learning platform that ensures your experience is fun, quick, and painless.

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Optionally, elect to take a 6 CEU test and  get your certificate automatically. 

VIdeo on demand with use cases you can be inspired by:

In addition to the learning framework provided in the course, Sharon demonstrates live, end-to-end EMDR-Therapy sessions with a child client. These clips offer insight into the type of results you can expect to achieve in your own office. Simply access and view the video clips from any mobile device, in any browser, at any time of day, world-wide.  

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There is a survey we ask you to fill out and return to us.

CLASSMARKER: Take your test with ZERO ANXIETY :)

We want the test to be a positive part of your learning experience.The test is a means to help you understand the protocol so you can use it more effectively in your day to day work.

The test is designed to help you learn and improve your retention. It follows the video course, phase by phase, so you can easily study as you watch the video modules.

The test is on Classmarker.com where you will create your own free account.

Start the test with one click. You start by logging in using the User name and Password that you created, then use the password to select the test itself. That password is found in the wrap-up module, the last part of your course. 

Remember to keep a record of the "user name" and " password" you create so you can save the test and get back in to complete your work. 

Getting your 80% passing grade is easy-peasy if you print a copy of the test right from the start and use it along side your workbook.

When you take the actual test on-line, simply save your work as needed as you progress through. Conveniently log back in any time with your username and password to complete your work for your 80% passing grade. If you miss any questions, you will be automatically shown the ones you missed and need to work on!

Receive your 6 CEU pdf certificate directly on Classmarker. It's that easy.


Especially now, with the global health crisis, your clients need you more than ever, they need a protocol you can to with tele-therapy if needed, and they need it now.

Show me how: You owe it to your clients to provide them with the latest therapy approaches. Why farm out EMDR-Therapy and let others get all the results?

With more than 40 years of  psychotherapy experience, Sharon's focused approach and scripts get you going in your own agile delivery.

Use creative expression through story and art in a reusable protocol that gets results fast. No need to "explain" EMDR and complicate the delivery of this intervention with the parents and the child, delaying the treatment.

This method is easy for the client and easy for the therapist, making this a win-win step from "day-one". Meet your goals and have even more fun unlocking old patterns, rapidly healing, and revitalizing clients.     

Let us get you started and then adapt it to your own style of delivery. Be more effective in your psychotherapy with all of your clients, at warp speed.     


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