Targeting: Is it a Thought or a "Thou ought"?

client targets Sep 08, 2020

When clients present, they are often challenged by the idea of finding their target for EMDR-Therapy. Getting to the target is a fundamental step in developing an effective EMDR-Therapy intervention. Deep down, they know what it is and one of the critical jobs is to non-invasively enable the client to self-identify it and go with it during the sessions.

So, the target is "embedded" in deeper thoughts. It’s interesting to dissect the word THOUGHT. If you split it apart, you get “THOU OUGHT”. Thou Ought is as close to “I oughta do this, and I oughta do that” as anything we have heard. And it’s built invisibly into one of the most powerful words we rely on to explain how we do what we do – a thought is the byproduct of thinking. The targets are buried somewhere in their web of thoughts.

So what…

We have noticed over the years that there is a natural, human tendency which impedes desired and beneficial behavior changes. Clients...

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