Second Child Syndrome - innate or not innate?

siblings Sep 09, 2020

arenting more than one child can be a marvelous opportunity, allowing the relationship between siblings to be loving, engaging, and instructive for both the kids and parents alike.

At the same time, there is a pattern that can emerge which disrupts some of the opportunities for development and positive growth.

Along the journey, depending on the age difference, a 2nd child may precipitate unexpected emotional stresses and be in the crosshairs to absorb some challenging emotional blows.

“Second Child Syndrome” may evoke  competition and provoke a situation where the younger child is destined to underperform by comparison. Shouldn’t it just be innate that the second child would know that it’s ok to get to the finish line at their own pace? We know it doesn’t work quite that way…and the brunt of the emotional loss of status can translate into anger, hostility, anxiety, or worse-depression.

The early detection of this emerging...

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