Laughing - One of our most special gifts for attunement

attunement Sep 10, 2020

Do you have fun with your kids? Having fun may be more illusive than any of us would like, especially  with the conflicts, stresses, and demands that define the hectic role of raising a family. The good news is that we are all wired in one way or another to have fun and to laugh.

Even though today we think of comedy as the means to get into a laughing mood, we actually use “a laugh” every which way from Sunday and don’t even realize it most of the time. Albeit, differently from one of us to another, the role of laughter in allowing for the human connection we all seek is part of our DNA.

When you realize this, it is pretty cool to make “a laugh” part of your parenting tool set. Laughing is a very powerful way to engage with anyone, especially a child, and is one of our most natural ways of building trust. The technical term for this is  attunement, when you are “tuned in” to the one you are connecting with, and it just works.

Do you have a sense of your own propensity to laugh and can you find a way to develop this as a trust building opportunity in your relationships, especially with a child? A laugh can be a perfect acknowledgement of “your’re ok” or it can play any one of a number of other roles, having nothing whatsoever to do with comedy. When you are happy, it’s one of the easiest ways to allow laughing to become one of your natural, core strengths for keeping tuned in with your loved ones.


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