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Confer directly with Sharon to tune your approach.

Work one-on-one. Session success is driven by your questions.

Sometimes using a specific case can be a good jumping in point to gain insights.

Boost efficacy with the spectrum of clients in your practice.



About the Consultation

Sessions are offered to anyone who has taken the course

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How to request:

Sessions are1 hour by phone.

They are scheduled between 9AM-12PM on a mutually agreeable weekday.

Please expect a confirmation at least two weeks ahead.

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Sharon will confirm back the date and time and place the call to you directly.


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What you can expect from a consultation

Boost your practice with sound advice

Established in 1978, Turning Point Counseling Services functioned as a community mental health organization that made the delivery of quality psychotherapy for children and their families our only purpose. We believe children play a critical role as a "spark-plug" in the health, diversity, and well-being of their families. Our work in healing children and their primary care-takers was our way to bring families and school communities together as emotionally healthy units. When we did this, we helped them cooperatively solve problems day to day as a team, and they built a brighter future for themselves and their peers.

Even if you have a small staff, if you choose a core focus on children and families, and use this proven EMDR capability, you will be able to get sustainable improvements with clients in your community. As a result, you can build even stronger relationships with local schools and medical practices in your area. Based on critical feedback from these partners, Turning Point Education was formed to invest in, develop, and create programs, host events, and deliver distance learning courses that have permitted therapists around the world to increase their capabilities in EMDR-centered therapy.

We continue to operate Turning Point Counseling Services as a regional service provider via tele-therapy in this COVID situation. We are proud to share our experience today, by delivering this course and making these one-on-one consultations available through Turning Point Education. We look forward to a continuing role in offering practical, ready to implement EMDR-Therapy training on a world-wide basis. We are committed to using the most advanced EMDR methods, cloud based video and file access learning platform technologies, teaching methods, and course delivery techniques.

Use your consultation with Sharon to tap into her years of practical experience in not only EMDR-Therapy but also how to use this important methodology to boost your practice.

Our belief about trauma

It is our belief when chronic, developmental trauma starts early on, by age five the child is already well on their way to a "locked-in" negative spiral. By working with children as young as five, it is possible to identify the pattern and enable the client to recapture their behavior toward critical events.  Early treatment is the best opportunity for life change. (If otherwise untreated, the pattern will continue to send the client into a spiral of anxiety and despair.)

For the majority of situations where psychotherapy would be productive, when we ask our partners what they care most about when making referrals for the clients in their care, they indicate it is imperative that clinicians have the EMDR capability. We use EMDR therapy in 80% of our clinical work and have found it exceptional at the job of "opening the window of tolerance in clients whose behavior has been hijacked by abuse, fear, anxiety, and trauma of many kinds" (quote from Dr. Bessel van der Kolk). We use the EMDR 8-Phase AIP model to iteratively tune-in, desensitize, reprocess, and positively install new client behaviors. This work makes our practice a truly thrilling life long learning experience. We would like you to join us on your journey by taking our course and working with us to hone your EMDR-Therapy skills.


About Sharon's core values. Based on years of clinical practice, we believe that clients heal more readily with EMDR than with any other form of psychotherapy. Turning Point Education provides psychotherapists with continuing education in this important therapy technique. We specialize in EMDR therapy training that combines drawing and story telling in a unique, easy to use and apply, scripted protocol that "just works". We have found that integrating drawing and story telling with EMDR offers the client substantially more personal impact than any one of these techniques alone. "2 Square" simply makes EMDR easier to learn and use. 

Over a period of 40 years, Sharon developed a thriving private practice located in Hopkinton, MA that focused on providing EMDR-Therapy. Use the consultation to find out new and improved ways to serve children, adolescents, adults and their families using the methods we are teaching with this course. 



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