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Are you looking for an EMDR protocol that "just works" with children & adolescents ?

    "EMDR made-easy": 6 hr/6 CEU self-paced, live streaming, on-demand eLearning

Turning Point Institute's course combines DRAWING and STORY TELLING with  EMDR. Learn the "2-Square" protocol  for healing your  younger clients at warp speed !

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Optimize your therapy with younger clients by training in how to integrate drawing, story telling, & EMDR to "unstick"& "unlock" your clients.

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A 6 CEU course for skilled EMDR therapists as well as therapists interested in learning about EMDR. Recent participant reviews . . .

Reviews . . .

Show me how: As a professional therapist, you already use some great psychotherapy tools. You also have a need for continuing learning and maintaining certification. Optimize your therapy skills and gain new adantages with this course: "EMDR for children and adolescents . . . made easy". Use creative expression through story and art in a reusable protocol that gets results fast. No need to "explain" EMDR and complicate the delivery of this intervention with the parents and the child, delaying the treatment. This method is easy for the child client and easy for the therapist, making this a win-win step from "day-one". Meet your goals and have even more fun unlocking old patterns, rapidly healing, and revitalizing younger clients.  See the parent testimonial that follows below.                                                                                        

Psychotherapy for younger clients: 2-Square is an effective, "made-easy",  version of the "Fairy tale/Slaying Protocols".
  • Based on innovative, proven EMDR method:  6 EMDRIA & NASW CEUs, 8-phase, AIP EMDR model.
  • Preferred protocol - use it repeatedly: quickly relieves symptoms*,  rapidly heals,  and empowers younger clients.
  • Distance learning course is quick paced: Artfully comprised of consumable videos, organized to learn theory & practice.
  • Quickly learn and use: 2-Square is an easy to learn, reusable protocol that consistently delivers improved outcomes.
  • Quality course - learn from the best: Taught at Boston University's School of Social Work Continuing Education.
  • Comprehensive workbook accompanies video modules: Color coded with captions, each page synchronized to video.
  • Stay energized from start to finish: Professionally edited streaming video of live in classroom setting, with clear audio.
  • Be inspired: Enjoy while you learn from the expert EMDR teacher, Sharon Schwartz, LICSW.  

Parent Testimonial:Turning Poiint's Sharon Schwartz used "2-Square" EMDR to help my son overcome his anxiety about food alergies and it has changed our lives. Our son is the only one with food alergies, but it impacted all of us. His anxiety was paralyuzing, making eating out while traveling very stressful and sometimes impossible. He was in talk therapy for over 1 1/2 years and showed little improvement, however, after only 1 session of EMDR he felt less anxious. After 3 sessions, he was like a completely different person. We are so grateful to sharon for giving us back our son...I wish I had sought this treatment approach sooner. Although the responsibility for his allergies will always be a part of his life, we travel and dine out without the panic and drama. As a parent, to have found Sharon with "2-Square" EMDR make such a noticeable and immediate improvement in my child's life is amazing, and we are so grateful.   

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Participant Reviews:

Take a minute to review this excerpt. This therapist's observations just might echo some of your own goals:

"I have used EMDR in my practice and worked with children for years ...this material added significantly to my practice and creative options, especially for an effective use of art and a protocol with children...(rather than just unstructured play).  I appreciated Sharon's generosity of spirit in her sharing of her office set-up, tools, and her training (delivery)... it was like she wanted to share everything she has learned in her years of practice with children to help others be as effective as she has learned to be.  I can't wait to use this method (in my office).  On my learning experience, I was able to print and keep the workbook and felt I had as much to take with me as I get in face-to-face settings, (all the while) being able to do this from the comfort of home/office and in my own time frame."

Sheri Levens, LMHC
Individual Couple and Family Therapy
EMDR Therapist, Tampa Florida


Previous students have used this course to amplify their EMDR skills as well as to get a "quick start" in understanding and using EMDR for the first time. 2-Square is focused, simple, & reusable, allowing students to boost EMDR therapy skills & efficacy with younger clients.

  • I achieved my goal to expand EMDR knowledge & skills
  • The course was packed with great ideas
  • "2 Square" is a great addition to my best practices
  • All videos were well organized and easy to follow
  • Sharon energetically teaches EMDR
  • On-site, live videos make it fun to be "in a classroom"
  • Case studies, told as stories, kept my attention
  • Demonstrated results inspired me
  • Knowledgable presenter - an excellent teacher
  • Workbook is practical and easy to use, day to day
  • I am confident I can put the protocol to use immediately
  • I recommend this course - it's actually fun

Your clients will reap the benefits as you use the techniques taught in this course to restore their sense of well-being, diminished by the simple and complex trauma of life's unavoidable incidents. Turning Point Institute, part of Turning Point Counseling Services, offers this course as part of it's dedication to delivering therapy training that makes Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) easier to learn and more practical to use.


Quick Look At Your instructor

Sharon Schwartz, LICSW and certified EMDR therapist, is a leading practitioner of EMDR-Therapy with children and families.

Sharon Schwartz's Credentials:

  • Director of TP Counseling Services for over 35 years
  • Practicing EMDR-Therapy since 1997
  • Specialty with children, adolescents, & families
  • Gifted Speaker, Teacher & International EMDR Speaker
  • Certified EMDR-Therapy Consultant
  • BS Cornell, MSW BU, LICSW, Member NASW
  • Work: Harvard School Public Health, Mclean Hospital, Turning Point Counseling, Turning Point Institute

Let the healing take root

When you put this therapy technique to work, you will be amazed at the results. As the client heals, their sense of who they really are emerges. They are able to access memories and negative cognitions that are holding them back. They are able to reprocess those memories, form new positive thoughts about themselves, break old patterns, and seek different outcomes they truly want. As they change before your eyes, their joy and success willl be a true mutual reward.

Your role as therapist in delivering this EMDR intervention is to act as the stenographer as they rewrite their past memories and develop stories about who they are now and what experiences they can manifest for themselves in the future. Enjoy this experience as you watch your clients heal and grow.

Quick Look At Your Course:

  • 6 CEU/ 8-Phase AIP Course Makes EMDR Easier to Learn & Use:

    • Teaches 8-Phase AIP model of EMDR-Therapy
    • Videos are professionally edited and well organized
    • All clips are color coordinated & matched to workbook
    • Video Clips have synchronized text explanations
    • Streaming video has a clear sound track
    • Stream the program on Vimeo.com(rent or purchase)
    • Take the self-paced test on Classmarker.com
    • Complete 80% passing grade and earn 6 CEU's
    • Automatically receive CEU certificate on completion


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As a life long learner, return here as often as needed to navigate, understand, and evaluate. We have provided you all you need to decide to rent or purchase. GoTo  About Course to evaluate the training.Use the sample videos and workbook pages to get a picture of the clever protocol and how to put it to immediate use. GoTo  Get Course to rent or purchase.

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Once you are using this protocol day to day, return here to boost your skills in a Consultation with Sharon. When you are ready to take things to the next level. When you have a little more time and want to understand our core values, approach, and history, return here and GoTo  About Us. While there, give us some feedback-share in social media opportunities.


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Are you challenged doing therapy with children & adolescents?

*About symptoms & treatment

Symptoms: 2-Square is effective for use in cases of panic disorder, PTSD, simple trauma, complex trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, body image issues, phobias, distressing memories,  bad dreams, OCD, and other like and similar problems.

Treatment: Clients treated using this protocol feel restored and better able to feel for themselves and for others. The practical method combines drawing and story telling with EMDR. The protocol works with children as young as 5 to heal at warp speed "so they can enjoy life's milk & honey" (quote from Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, leading advocate for EMDR-Therapy).

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Therapy designed to enable children to heal from unavoidable life incidents 

. . . so they can reclaim their voices and be heard