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Once you have rented or purchased, REGISTER here to get your workbook, test and survey

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Once registered,  use the secret password you received to ACCESS and manage  your workflow

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FIRST: REGISTER. After you rent or purchase, please use this form to register your course. You have your videos, and if you followed the Credentials video clip, you also have your password and links to the workbook, printed copy of test questions, your survey, and a link to Classmarker, where you can opt in to take the on-line test for 6 CEUs. Use your resource files and move ahead with your learning experience. We would like to know who you are, so please fill in and submit the registration form, below.  Don't forget to use your Credentials video clip to get your password and links to download files, take the test, and complete the survey. Return to this page and use each maroon button below to get access to your videos, take another look at resouces, and fill out the survey if you haven't sent us your copy yet . . . it's that easy!  Continue your EMDR journey with us and enjoy learning 2-Square.

  • Fill in form & submit
  • We would like to know who you are and what your goals are.
  • Don't forget to use the password and links in your Credentials video clip on VIMEO to get your resource files!


When Use this page to automate the steps in your learning work-flow


  • Once purchased, return to your videos at will
  • You can go to VIMEO any time
  • Maroon button conveniently returns VIMEO
  • Watch on-demand. . . learn at your own pace
  • Play, pause, repeat, replay as often as you need
  • Make your notes in color coded workbook

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  • Did you download your workbook yet?
  • If not, use the link here w/your password  
  • Use the password you received to get file access
  • Find pdfs: Workbook, Printed test Q's, & Survey

   Download PDF resources



  • Qualifying for CEUs? Click maroon test button
  • Classmarker will ask you to create an account
  • Then, to start the test use Credentials password
  • Remember, password is in the Credentials clip
  • Take test up to 3 times, save/return/continue
  • Follow video modules & workbook to answer
  • See questions required to finish automatically
  • Test helps you to both learn and use 2-Square
  • Readily pass by getting 80% correct answers
  • Automatically receive your CEU certificate

Take the test on Classmarker



Please Get/Take  Survey



You are ready to proceed with your life long learning experience using 2-Square with children and adolescents.  Return to this resource page as often as needed to access, view, and study your materials. When you are ready to take the test, pass with 80% and automatically receive your personalized 6 CEU certificate. Survey to let us know your experience.


1. Rental or purchase takes place on VIMEO which is the video platform on which the distance learning course is hosted! So, get ready to leave this site briefly when you click on the maroon "Rent or Purchase my Course" button. You will return to VIMEO using the account you set up there to watch the course at will.

2. Just remember, emdrmadeeasy.org  is where you will  return from VIMEO after purchasing the video portion of the course. You return here to REGISTER and get your workbook, test and survey.

3. To access your WORKBOOK, you will click the download pdf button. This is a big file with graphic images and powerpoint slides. We use "HIGHTAIL Places" for FTP access. The file is much to big to email to you. Hightail is where your files are conviently located. Use the password you received from the registrar to easily open the files and download them.

4. If you are opting in to get CEU's, then you will click the link to go to CLASSMARKER where you will create an account, pay the test fee, and use the password you received to take the test. It is graded automatically and you instantly get your CEU certificate on passing.

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