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Why farm out EMDR for your younger clients and let other therapists have all the fun?

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It's easier to get results when you have the right tools. Rent or purchase DL course on VIMEO.

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In a fast paced world where innovation is empowering, study at home and boost your practice. Therapists with EMDR skills are referred to more often, so further develop your EMDR skills with this compelling course.  As a practicing psychotherapist, you already have an educational foundation and advanced training that helps you operate as a skilled professional. Our promise is to enhance your EMDR journey with "2 Square" protocol. Learn from the best in the convenience of your home or office and save time and money.  Decide to rent or purchase on VIMEO. Remember, after completing your rental or purchase, return here to register your course and get your password to the workbook and other resource files. Proceed at your own pace as you follow the seamless learning workflow. Even if you are "technology challenged", we have made the pathway to learning with this course a breeze by providing the visual roadmap of your learning steps. See below, "what's about to happen next", for each step, as shown in the "graphical (GPS) navigator" . You are in total control of your entire experience from beginning to end.  Scroll to Get Course . . .

About the advanced, distance learning technology in your course: 

We make your learning workflow  easy our new LMS (Learning Management System) site.

You manage your workflow at your own pace. First, you will access your videos and workbook. Then view and study at will.  Take your optional CEU test and once completed, you get your certificate automatically. Even though there is a good bit of technology "under the hood", it's really as simple and easy to use as possible.

1. Rental takes place at our new LMS platform on which the distance learning course is hosted! So, get ready to leave this site briefly when you click on the maroon "Rent my Course" button.You will return to log-inusing the credentials you set up there to watch the course at will.

2. Just remember, our new LMS  is where you will  return and access your course. Once there, view the course, get your workbook, test and survey.

3. To access your WORKBOOK, you will click the download pdf button. This is a big file with graphic images and powerpoint slides.

4. If you are opting in to get CEU's, then you will click the link to go to CLASSMARKER where you will create an account, pay the test fee, and use the password you received to take the test. It is graded automatically and you instantly get your CEU certificate on passing.


On-Line Technology Enables  Learning:

VIDEO ON DEMAND (get and view):

     "EMDR made easy" provides a readily understood framework to learn and practice EMDR. The complete video course is comprised of a set of over 20 comprenhensive, professionally edited clips. You will view the complete course on Vimeo where you enter full screen mode and experience the live action, as if you were sitting in the room where the workshop is being given!

     In addition to the learning framework provided in the course, Sharon demonstrates live, end-to-end EMDR-Therapy sessions with a child client. These clips offer insight into the type of results you can expect to achieve in your own office. The distance learning video course is offered on our LMS. We configured the course channel for easy access and use via a course link you get with your purchase. Then, simply access and view the video clips from any mobile device, in any browser, at any time of day, world-wide.  

CLASSMARKER (taking your test):

     The test is on Classmarker.com where you will create your own free account. Make sure to keep a record of the Classmarker "user name" and " password" that you create so you can save the test and get back in to complete your work. Start the test by logging in using the User name and Password that you created. Use the password you received from the registrar when you registered your course to take the test.

The test is designed to help you learn and improve your retention. The test follows the video course, phase by phase, so you can more easily study as you go to get your 80% passing grade and CEU certificate.

     You can save the test as needed as you work through the material. Conveniently log back in using your username and password to complete your work for your 80% passing grade. If you miss any questions, we'll automatically let you know which you missed and need to work on! We want the test to be a positive part of your learning experience.The test is a means to help you understand the protocol so you can use it more effectively in your day to day work. On passing, there is a quick survey to fill out and email to the registrar. You  receive your CEU pdf certificate directly on Classmarker. It's that easy.

Therapy designed to enable children to heal from unavoidable life incidents 

. . . so they can reclaim their voices and be heard