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Why farm out EMDR for your younger clients and let other therapists have all the fun?

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It's easier to get results when you have the right tools. Rent or purchase DL course on VIMEO.

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In a fast paced world where innovation is empowering, study at home and boost your practice. Therapists with EMDR skills are referred to more often, so further develop your EMDR skills with this compelling course.  As a practicing psychotherapist, you already have an educational foundation and advanced training that helps you operate as a skilled professional. Our promise is to enhance your EMDR journey with "2 Square" protocol. Learn from the best in the convenience of your home or office and save time and money.  Decide to rent or purchase on VIMEO. Remember, after completing your rental or purchase, return here to register your course and get your password to the workbook and other resource files. Proceed at your own pace as you follow the seamless learning workflow. Even if you are "technology challenged", we have made the pathway to learning with this course a breeze by providing the visual roadmap of your learning steps. See below, "what's about to happen next", for each step, as shown in the "graphical (GPS) navigator" . You are in total control of your entire experience from beginning to end.  Scroll to Get Course . . .

How to Rent or Purchase:

Click on the button below to make your buying choice and set up your video account. You will be taken to VIMEO. After paying, VIMEO will send you an expense receipt. 

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At VIMEO.COM, the video site, you will be able to : 


(note: AFTER you complete theVIMEO buying step, register your course using the registration page on this site.)


Please read before going to VIMEO:

Hello from the Registrar,

As a reminder, please review this quick note before you head over to VIMEO to use your Credit Card to make your purchase. Pease remember to click the return  link on VIMEO. It brings you back to our registration page where you are asked to complete your registration.

Registering provides us with your name and email so we can send you your password for your workbook. As soon as you fill in and submit your registration form on the registration page, we send you credentials to download your workbook and survey. It can take 24-48 hours, but it is usually much faster.

After making your purchase, if you haven't registered yet, click on this link to go to the registration page. You can only register AFTER completing the VIMEO transaction.

Thank you.

Dave, Registrar Turning Point Institute


What's about to happen?

You are about to go to VIMEO.com  where you will  make your Rental(3 months) or Purchase(no time limit).  VIMEO is where you will also view all the videos.

About your HOME SITE and the supporting platforms: This website, "emdrmadeeasy.org", is your HOME SITE for all information and access links to the course. Use this site as a convenient way to "get back into your workflow" by clicking the links to navigate to the supporting platforms. For example, you can jump back to VIMEO to view course video clips, jump over to HIGHTAIL to download your workbook, or jump over to CLASSMARKER to take you CEU test for 6 CEU's.

In the diagram above, you are at the BROWN STAR. Once you you click to Rent or Purchase, you are automatically redirected to VIMEO for the Credit Card transaction. This step is a prerequisite to getting the video portion of the course. Once completed, click the link to return back here to Register. (The way this works is that we receive a notification from VIMEO that you paid for and set up your video account. That allows us to register you, a step that typically takes 24-48 hrs, but can be faster).

So, get ready to leave this site briefly once you click "Rent or Purchase my Course" . Then, simpy return to emdrmadeeasy.org to register your course and to manage your workflow. The link to return back here from VIMEO is in the easy to find white box at the top  of the VIMEO landing page. It's that easy! We are looking forward to your return so we can get  you registered.


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