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EVENTS: Advanced "Little Voices World Tour" workshops --- Go Further

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Advanced workshops are being conducted worldwide. Attend one near you.

Advanced "Little Voices" workshops . . .
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Haven't taken the basic course yet? Get the fundamentals first, then go further.

First, I need the basic course. . .

Attend an advanced workshop at a location near you. The "Little Voices World Tour" workshops are designed to deliver advancements & innovations on the 2-Square Distance-Learning course. Build on 2-Square and learn additional innovative, exciting, and insightful EMDR approaches. Not only get further insights into how to tune the fundamentals, but learn how to adapt the protocol for use with adults as well . . . attend a live workshop to go further. Select a date and city for your workshop and expand on your understanding of the fundamentals. Get ready to take things to the next level at the on-site event. Sharon will ensure that you not only build on your understanding of the theory, but that you also fine tune and extend your practice skills with diverse age groups. Become more effective in your therapy by putting these additional, clever and productive EMDR techniques into practice as soon as you get back to the office. Enjoy the inspired and dynamic teaching of Sharon Schwartz and benefit from "Little Voices 2-Square / 2-Square² / 4-Square" protocol innovations. Scroll down for the live, on-site event dates, locations & fees



Dates, location & registration fees

will be published here:


-Fall 2016 London, UK (date, fee, and location tbd)

-Winter 2016 SanFrancisco (date, fee, and location tbd)

-Spring 2017 Milan, Italy ( date, fee, and location tbd)



Additional "Little Voices World Tour" dates and cities will be added here, so be sure to revisit and pick the best location to attend a live workshop near you.

2 reasons to rent or purchase the fudamentals course first: "EMDR for children and adolescents . . . made easy"

1. I will not be able to attend an on-site workshop. I want the fundamentals now.

2. I am attending an on-site advanced workshop and want the fundamentals course to get a head start on learning the basic protocol.

Rent/Purchase Fundamentals Course 

Note: Each attendee of an advanced Little Voices World Tour live workshop gets streaming access to the video recording of the live program along with your own pdf copy of the workbook when the program is published.

Therapy designed to enable children to heal from unavoidable life incidents 

. . . so they can reclaim their voices and be heard