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ABOUT US: Our core values in EMDR-Therapy training

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Our core values focus on child & family psychotherapy & teaching EMDR skills worldwide.

About us and our core values . . .
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We believe clients heal more rapidly with EMDR than with other forms of psychotherapy.

Beliefs that drive our training approach . . .

About us and our core values. Based on years of clinical practice, we believe that clients heal more readily with EMDR than with any other form of psychotherapy. Turning Point Institute provides psychotherapists with continuing education in this important therapy technique. We specialize in EMDR therapy training that combines drawing and story telling in a unique, easy to use and apply, scripted protocol that "just works". We have found that integrating drawing and story telling with EMDR offers the client substantially more personal impact than any one of these techniques alone. "2 Square" simply makes EMDR easier to learn and use. 

We have a thriving private practice located in Hopkinton, MA that is focused on providing EMDR-Therapy. We serve children, adolescents, adults and their families using the methods we are teaching with the course featured on this website. You can find us at www.tpcounseling.org

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Our Belief About Trauma

It is our belief when chronic, developmental trauma starts early on, by age five the child is already well on their way to a "locked-in" negative spiral. By working with children as young as five, it is possible to identify the pattern and enable the client to recapture their behavior toward critical events.  Early treatment is the best opportunity for life change. (If otherwise untreated, the pattern will continue to send the client into a spiral of anxiety and despair.)

For the majority of situations where psychotherapy would be productive, when we ask our partners what they care most about when making referrals for the clients in their care, they indicate it is imperative that clinicians have the EMDR capability. We use EMDR therapy in 80% of our clinical work and have found it exceptional at the job of "opening the window of tolerance in clients whose behavior has been hijacked by abuse, fear, anxiety, and trauma of many kinds" (quote from Dr. Bessel van der Kolk). We use the EMDR 8-Phase AIP model to iteratively tune-in, desensitize, reprocess, and positively install new client behaviors. This work makes our practice a truly thrilling life long learning experience. We would like you to join us on your journey by taking our course and working with us to hone your EMDR-Therapy skills.

Our History

Established in 1978, Turning Point Counseling Services is a community mental health organization that makes the delivery of quality psychotherapy for children and their families our only purpose. We believe children play a critical role as a "spark-plug" in the health, diversity, and well-being of their families. Our goal is to heal children and their primary care-takers in an effort to bring families and school communities together as emotionally healthy units. When we do this, we help them cooperatively solve problems day to day as a team, so they can build a brighter future for themselves and their peers.

With a small staff, a core focus on children and families, and a proven EMDR capability, we have been able to get sustainable improvements in clients in our community. As a result, we have built strong relationships with local schools and medical practices in our area. Based on critical feedback from these partners, Turning Point Institute was formed to invest in, develop, and create programs, host events, and deliver distance learning courses that permit therapists around the world to increase their capabilities in EMDR-centered therapy.

We continue to operate Turning Point Counseling Services as a regional service provider and are proud to share our experience today, by delivering these courses through Turning Point Institute. We look forward to a continuing role in offering practical, ready to implement EMDR-Therapy training on a world-wide basis. We are committed to using the most advanced EMDR methods, cloud based video and file access learning platform technologies, teaching methods, and course delivery techniques.

Our founder and her thoughts as your course leader

Sharon Schwartz, LICSW, is our founder and your course leader. Her purpose is very focused on EMDR-Therapy. She is a leading practitioner of EMDR-Therapy with children and families and is known for making EMDR easier to learn and use by developing and teaching the innovative, 8 Phase AIP compliant, "2-Square" protocol. Thanks to Francine Shapiro, the American psychologist and educator who originated EMDR back in 1987! It takes a while for things to get to the tipping point with any new idea. In that sense, the foundational work of others on both theory and efficacy has contributed so much to furthering the role and value of EMDR as a preferred treatment modality. Thanks to Dr. Bessel van der Kolk for expanding the understanding of the sub-conscious realm in which  EMDR symbolically works in his recent comparative tests with pharma alternatives and other therapies like CBT. His and other scientific studies continue to establish EMDR as a preferred therapy for an increasing number of behavorial problems. Sharon delivers the "2-Square" intervention and has coined the term Sub-cognitive Reprocessing Therapy™ (SRT) to separate it from other therapies such as CBT.  "My goal is to make EMDR easier to deliver with the 2-Square intervention. My purpose in developing this easy to learn EMDR method is to offer therapists continuing education with a protocol that "just works" and can quickly be put to  effective use especially with children. In our distance learning courses, you learn EMDR in a fun, practical live workshop format." In her live, on-site "Little Voices World Tour Adanced Workshops", Sharon continues to innovate with "2-Square" by advancing it's practical use with core younger clients as well as by extending it's scope for use with adults.

About Your Course Leader, Sharon Schwartz:

  • Practicing EMDR-Therapy since 1997
  • Gifted Speaker & Teacher
  • International EMDR Speaker
  • Certified EMDR Consultant
  • Delivers an exciting, 6 CEU course, EMDRIA & NASW approved
  • Expert at 8 Phase AIP model for EMDR-Therapy
  • LICSW and NASW member
  • Director of TP Counseling Services for over 37 years
  • Most Referred to EMDR Therapist in Middlesex Region,MA
  • Degrees: BS Cornell , MSW BU
  • Work: McClean, Harvard School Public Health

Our Approach to EMDR Training-Contact Us With Any Issues or Feedback

We use the most advanced technology to deliver your distance learning experience. This is how we are able to provide this program at the most economical price and with the best access and service. Some of the cloud platforms we have selected ask you to create free accounts in order to use the services that they provide in delivering our course work. Others are embedded in our delivery platform. We rely on these partners to ensure that you get all the goodies in the most painless learning experience possible. That said, if you find any challenges, we need to know about them. We also need to know how to improve what we are doing. Please work with each service in the way that they require so that you can get the most out of this distance learning experience. We hope your journey is positive, seamless, and painless. If for any reason, you have any difficulty using the tools, or if you just want to give us your suggestions, please use the customer service form below so we can continue to improve our programs.



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