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Build resilience in your younger clients by using this kid-friendly, EMDR therapy. Focus in on this training now and get it done today.

  Proven 2-Square EMDR training . . .
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Evaluate this unique, easy to use, 8-Phase, 6 CEU, AIP compliant EMDR approach that  "just works".

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A proven protocol is taught in a straight forward course with scripted methods that "just work". You owe it to your clients to provide them with the latest therapy approaches. Why farm out EMDR-Therapy for your younger clients and let others have all the fun? With this course, Turning Point Institute offers EMDR-Therapy training that teaches the 8 Phase AIP model in an easy to learn format that is quick to learn, put into practice, and reuse day-to-day. Your instructor is gifted at integrating a carefully selected set of kid-friendly therapy techniques into a practical application using the sensible AIP framework for trauma treatment. With more than 35 years of  psychotherapy experience, Sharon's focused approach and scripts get you going in your own agile delivery. Before you know it, you will be getting results like the ones demonstrated in the live sessions.  If you are adding tools to your bag of best practices, then let us help you boost your therapy skills by showing you how to effectively combine targeted drawing and story telling with EMDR in this innovative protocol. See how quickly you can accelerate healing from symptoms*, as you adapt it to your own style of delivery. Be more effective in your psychotherapy with children and adolescents, all at warp speed.                                                            PARENT TESTIMONIAL Turning Point and Sharon Schwarts's EMDR approach to helping my son overcome his anxiety about his food allergies has changed our lives. Even though my son is the only one in our family with food allergies, it impacts all of us. His anxiety was paralyzing, and eating out and traveling were very stressful, and at times not possible. We tried helping him with his anxiety and panic attacks for about a year and a half with a more traditional therapy approach with little improvement. However, after only one session of EMDR with Sharon, he was feeling less anxious. After just three sessions with her, he was like a completely different person. I wish we had sought this treatment sooner. We are so grateful to Sharon and all that this has done for our son. Although his food allergies and the responsibility and realities that come with it will always be part of his life, now we can dine out, travel and eat away from home without the anxiety and panic. As a parent, to have something make a noticeable and immediate improvement in your child's life is amazing. We are so grateful.  Scroll down for more . . . 

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1 page  course description(pdf)
1 page 8-Phase AIP EMDR-MODEL diagram(pdf)
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6 Hours of Comprehensive VIDEO in 20 compact modules:

EMDR Getting Started Clips:

A-Getting Started

B-EMDR Basics

C-Targeting Basics (Triggers)

D-Protocol End-to-End (Now "2-Square")

Make It Work Clips:

E-10 Case Results

F-Live Demo

G-Office Setup

+ - 2 Hrs of Live Child Client Sessions

AIP Compliant Phase Clips:

H-Taking Client History (Phase 1)

I-Stability and Resourcing (Phase 2)

J-Target Identification (Phase 3)

K-Desensitize Negatives (Phase 4)

L-Positive Installs (Phase 5)

M-Body Scans (Phase 6)

N-Log, Evaluate & Closure (Phase 7/8)

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The video clips you view here for free are actual complete segments from the full course program. The Workbook sample is an actual section of the complete workbook. This content is provided here for your evaluation. Our guarantee is that the course provides a comprehensive 8-Phase EMDR AIP model, designed for use with children and adolescents that  is fully scripted so you can use it in your practice immediately. Our pricing policy is that all purchases on VIMEO are final. We provide the samples here so you can make your evaluation before deciding to rent or buy the course.

Segment A: Introduction

Case Sample: 1 of 10

Workbook Sample

Workbook Sample (pdf)

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  • Teaches complete 8-Phase AIP model of EMDR-Therapy
  • Videos are professionally edited and well organized
  • All clips are color coordinated & matched to workbook
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  • HINT on how to get the most from streaming video course: Do not try to read, watch, and listen all at the same time. It's better to stop, pause and take notes in the workbook as you stream the video. Replay sections as needed to make sure you have gleaned all the details. We are confident that the alignment of the contents with the 8-Phase AIP model for EMDR-Therapy will amplify this learning experience so you can readily put this proven protocol to work in your practice immediately.


More about your workbook
Use the comprehensive workbook that you receive when you get the course, in combination with the video modules, to make the most of your learning experience. The workbook is a PDF download that includes practical templates, reusable scripts, hints, and phase by phase examples. The 70+ page workbook covers all 8 phases and is easy to follow. The video clips follow the phases in order and are color coded and synchronized with the workbook. Vimeo segment D covers the 3-pronged core of the protocol taking you from end-to-end in a focused 20+ page section, packed with hints and observations on how to apply the method day to day, in your treatment sessions.


More about your instructor

Sharon Schwartz, LICSW and certified EMDR therapist, is a leading practitioner of EMDR-Therapy with children and families. She is known for making EMDR easier by developing the innovative "2-Square" protocol. Sharon positions "2-Square" intervention, an internal processing experience*, as "Subconscious Reprocessing Therapy™ (SRT)". She is gifted at teaching both the theory and practice of this uniquely effective EMDR protocol. Sharon achieves the goal of making EMDR easier to learn, adapting "Slaying-the-Monster/Dragon", in a protocol that "just works". She uses 2-Square in her clinical practice every day making her especially qualified in both teaching and consulting on it's use. In this distance learning course, you learn the fundamentals in a fun, practical,  live workshop format. She will help you understand how this EMDR is different from therapies and tools you may know and use such as CBT, TFT, IFS, and others. Sharon also teaches the advanced 2-Square² in ther live, "Little Voices World Tour" on-site workshops where she amplifies on the fundamentals with children and adolsecents, as well as extends the protocol for use with adults.

*Thanks to Dr. Bessel van der Kolk for expanding the understanding of the sub-conscious realm in which  EMDR works "symbolically". He, along with other prominent doctors have published scientific studies that establish EMDR as a preferred therapy for an increasing number of behavorial problems. It is for this reason that we often refer to this EMDR client experience as "Sub-cognitive Reprocessing Therapy™ (SRT)". This easy pneumonic will help you think of it separately from other therapies, such as CBT, TFT, etc .

About Your Course Leader, Sharon Schwartz:

  • Director of TP Counseling Services for over 35 years
  • Gifted Speaker & Teacher
  • Delivers an exciting 6 CEU course approved by EMDRIA & NASW
  • Practicing EMDR-Therapy since 1997
  • Certified EMDR-Therapy Consultant
  • Expert at 8 Phase AIP model for EMDR-Therapy
  • International EMDR Speaker
  • LICSW and NASW member
  • Most Referred to Child Therapist in Middlesex/MA
  • Degrees: BS Cornell, MSW BU
  • Work: Harvard School Public Health, Mclean Hospital, Turning Point Counseling Services, Turning Point Institute

Your Course is Approved for 6 CEU's by these organizations


Turning Point is an approved EC provider (#14014) and this program (Course #14014-DL01) is approved by EMDRIA for 6 EMDRIA credits.

Eligibility for EMDRIA credits is restricted to those who have completed an EMDRIA-Approved Basic EMDR Training.


Turning Point is an approved provider. Use approval #886708346-3559  for all Clinical Social Workers continuing education contact hours.

This program is approved for 6 CEU's by the National Association of Social Workers.

Are you challenged doing therapy with children & adolescents?

Let the healing take root

When you put this therapy technique to work, you will be amazed at the results. As the client heals, their sense of who they really are emerges. They are able to access memories and negative cognitions that are holding them back. They are able to reprocess those memories, form new positive thoughts about themselves, break old patterns, and seek different outcomes they truly want. As they change before your eyes, their joy and success willl be a true mutual reward.

Your role as therapist in delivering this EMDR intervention is to act as the stenographer as they rewrite their past memories and develop stories about who they are now and what experiences they can manifest for themselves in the future. Enjoy this experience as you watch your clients heal and grow.

*About symptoms & treatment

Symptoms: 2-Square is effective for use in cases of panic disorder, PTSD, simple trauma, complex trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, body image issues, phobias, distressing memories,  bad dreams, OCD, and other like and similar problems.

Treatment: Clients treated using this protocol feel restored and better able to feel for themselves and for others. The practical method combines drawing and story telling with EMDR. The protocol works with children as young as 5 to heal at warp speed "so they can enjoy life's milk & honey" (quote from Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, leading advocate for EMDR-Therapy).



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Therapy designed to enable children to heal from unavoidable life incidents 

. . . so they can reclaim their voices and be heard